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Rolex Bracelet Service

Our Story

”The worn and streched Oyster Bracelet sitting on my arm, had made its way several trips around the world and been a true companion in all types of weather conditions likes water, snow, ice and sun from the day I graduated to three decades later. This Rolex is like a beloved family member you cherish and care for. How do you replace that ? You can’t ! But you can care, respect and maintain what once was – that’s the true DNA in our company”

Peter Grossmann, Founder

Our Story Rolex Bracelets Repair

Wear, tear and stretch of your bracelet.

Whilst already quite established within the international new and vintage Rolex collector community through buying, selling and making appraisals our band restoration services intends to service a broad base of collectors around the world. With our partner, together both we have restored more than 40.000 bracelets. As a result you can expect from our company secure shipments and payments, fast turnarounds and keep track of every customer in our database.

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