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Rolex Bracelets Repair works with Oyster, Jubilee and also President bracelets. Stainless steel (904L) and gold 14 or 18 carats. corresponding to your bracelet. Read more here.

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Your story is our story

Purchasing a Rolex carries first of all long term benefits for the owners. This watch steadily regains its value over time due to eventually surpassing its initial price. In addition, a Rolex watch that has been well maintained can become a solid investment.

Rolex Bracelets Repair

Wear, tear and stretch of your bracelet.

Damaged pins and dirt will over time wear up your Rolex bracelet, especially without regularly cleaning. Worst case a broken bracelet will make you lose your entire watch. Any foreign particles between your links in your Rolex bracelet will act as a sanding paper and it will grind every time you move your wrist. Over time the fit will be loose and you will experience the space between your links will become bigger and bigger. But don’t worry – Rolex Bracelets Repair can fix it!

Why restore your bracelet?

A Rolex that still is in exact configuration as it was back when leaving the factory will always keep its value better. Not only do our clients save a decent sum of money but our gentle restoration process preserves any stamp, number etc.

Especially vintage timepieces have increased a lot in value the past decades. In order for our clients to protect their investment a bracelet restoration is a very cost effective way of safe guarding your treasured timepiece. These watches normally have been in constant use for multiple decades. A Rolex in good condition and  with original bracelet will keep its value much better. Not forgetting the shear pleasure of wearing a vintage Rolex in mint condition.

Rolex Bracelets Repair
Rolex Bracelet Repair website



Rolex Bracelet Repair website

Terms and Policy of Rolex Bracelet Repair

As soon as our team restore your bracelet, it will be inspected, secure packed and you will receive wire transfer instructions. When your payment has been registered we ship your Rolex Bracelet by secure carrier. We will normally ship it within 24 hours or next normal working day.

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